Saturday, July 30, 2016  
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Town Board To Discuss Special ABC Election


Taylorsville Town Board to Discuss
Special ABC Election; would be in conjunction
with Nov. 8 County Alcohol Election

At the next Regular Called Meeting of the Town Board of Commissioners, planned Tuesday, August 2, 2016, at 5:30 p.m. in Town Hall Council Chambers, the Town Board will discuss placing the following two questions for Town of Taylorsville voters on the Nov. 8, 2016 ballot, to apply within Town limits:

1) To permit the "on premises" sale of Malt beverages by Class A hotels, motels, and restaurants
and to permit "off premises" sales by other permittees.
[ ] FOR or [ ] AGAINST

2) To permit the sale of mixed beverages in hotels, restaurants, private clubs, community theaters and convention centers. 
[ ] FOR or [ ] AGAINST

The proposed resolution notes that the Town of Taylorsville owns one ABC Store Building, and leases both the structure and contractual operation of said store to the Catawba County ABC Board, In 1965 Voters approved the initial ABC System in an election in Taylorsville.

The resolution also states, "The Town of Taylorsville current ABC regulations are more far more prohibitive than ABC regulations in neighboring Towns and Cities," and "The current prohibitive ABC regulation's may create an environment that discourages additional retail growth and private investment, specifically hotels, restaurants, private clubs, community theaters and convention centers with the Town Limits of Taylorsville and Alexander County."


Visitor Comments

Submitted By: maggie bredentaylorSubmitted: 7/29/2016
Not being a town resident, I do not get to vote for or against this amendment. However I will be voting in Nov. in the county election and I will again vote NO. Not being a democrat or a republican, I simply do not think follow the other 98 counties is necessary for the growth of our county. Working as a substance abuse nurse for years makes me so aware that ABUSE of any drug and ETOH is a drug.. will lead to heartache. I personally have a glass of wine occasionally as my doc says it is good for my heart. I rarely do that at a restaurant due to the cost. So I am not AGANIST ETOH but the abuse of it. There are enough outlets legal and illegal for all to obtain all the drugs, ETOH and our police force both city and county are already stretched thin. One of the reasons is that the law requires if someone is involuntarily committed in a ER , the law officers of the county the person resides in must stay with the patient until placement is found for them in a mental institute. You can verify with the local police officers that this can tie up an officer for not hours but days while they sit and make sure the person does not harm themselves. Some hopsitals have started having secure beds so one officer can watch several patients at once. I am the nurse recieiving these patients in my mental health facility. If the paperwork is not correct, they have to be taken back by the officers Sorry this long but people need to understand where their tax dollars are going and how our county officers HAVE to stay with mental health or substance abuse patients . By the way, if you ever feel someone is a danger to themselves or others you can call for a commitment of them for an evaluation. Nothing to take lightly but in this age of violence and unrest, one to remember as a citizen you have the right to do this. If used unwisely I am sure there are also penalities . Keep Alexander Co. dry. Be different because we are differnet. maggie

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