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Visitor Comments

Submitted By: Concerned GrandparentSubmitted: 2/16/2015
Its Just Not Fair! I just want to write this letter in regards to the article I read in the Taylorsville Times this past week. It is in regards to the report card shown for our schools here in Alexander County. I realize that the state of NC thinks that they must see some kind of a yearly report from our schools but just looking at a single test score like this is not the answer! We have some of the best teachers in Alexander County that there is any where in our state. They love our children and they work very hard to see that they are getting a very thorough education in all areas but to point at this one single test and to make it look like they are not doing their job over one test is rediculous, not to say so very unfair to them and the students who have worked so hard all year! Do you not think that many of them may have whats called “test anxiety”? Some may have this more than others. I know that our children always dreaded those tests every year and they were very good students but they knew that there was so much riding on those tests. Also do you not think it causes the students moral to go way down when they see that their school made such a low score when it is posted in the paper? Is it necessary to make them look bad? These same schools have students that make it to the Geography Bee and other great accomplishments yet they are shown here so negatively. I just want to encourage every teacher and student out there to keep up the great work! We the parents, grandparents and others who love you know that this one test score doesn't tell the whole story and we know that you all work hard to do your very best and we are so proud of you!

Submitted By: ConcernedSubmitted: 2/10/2015
It's amazing how hard law enforcement and agencies like the dove house work to prosecute child molesters and then the justice system fails these poor innocent children and let pedophiles get seasoned attorneys to fight for them and they get let go to walk among our children again. Attorneys who fight for monsters to put food on their family's are a disgrace. Judgement day is coming.

Submitted By: ElaineSubmitted: 2/10/2015
It's a shame that the justice system works for the criminal and not the victim. Another child molester will be released into the public to take the innocence from another child. Look at the statistics for pedophiles, he will hurt another child.....

Submitted By: SoSubmitted: 7/24/2014
So-What's the deal with the hospital parking lot! Flea Market? Blanket business? Find it strange that AC proucers go to Hickory Farmers Market to sell AC produce. Of course. they would...they can sell AC residents. Life is good where life is good. So

Submitted By: Roger DixonSubmitted: 6/30/2014
I try to stay away from politics but the following is just too much. Here is a quote from Nancy Pelosi on the crisis of the thousands of children being dumped at our Southern borders. "This crisis that some call a crisis, we have to view as an opportunity," Pelosi said. "If you believe as we do that every child, every person has a spark of divinity in them, and is therefore worthy of respect -- what we saw in those rooms was [a] dazzling, sparkling, array of God's children, worthy of respect." Really, Nancy? If every child has a "spark of divinity" and is God's child, how is it you avidly support abortion, which kills over a million children with that divine spark each year? Where is your respect for the unborn? Or, have you ascertained that the "divine spark" isn't present until after they come out of the womb? Ms. Pelosi says, "If you believe as we do..." Who exactly is the "we?" The Democrat party? Ms. Pelosi, along with the Democrat party, is one of the stanchest supporters of Planned Parenthood, which is a revolving door of butchery with over 300, 000 abortions a year. Jesus took a stand against the hypocrisy of the Pharisees, calling them a brood of vipers. This post isn't about abortion. This post is about recognizing the destructive and hypocritical mindset sweeping our country and speaking up against it.

Submitted By: maggie taylorSubmitted: 5/26/2014
Dear Outsider Insider, Thank you for your response to my answer to you. I do not think Alexander Co . is Paradise and have worked in mental health for years and a short period of time at the BIG prison made me realize that jobs were brought here by that prison , much needed jobs. But you do have to have a certain mindset to tough it out as an employee there. I chose not to continue working there. I hope you will stay tuned to the changes in Alexander Co. Yes 7 meth labs were busted , one near my home. Check out the stats in surrounding counties. This is a national, state and local problem for our police. Citizens of Alexander Co. have formed Neighborhood Watch programs. Most of us mind our own business but we KNOW when something is not right at our neighbors and we find out what is going on when we need to. Meth labs damage children, lives and careers. I am sure you are aware of that but it is NOT a problem only in Alexander Co. So change starts with organizations like the citizens that are now meeting on a regular basis for the betterment of our community. We are getting that urgent care,, the hospital is full of asbestos and the outside has been cleaned up and become a community meeting place with picnic tables and hot dog stands and farmers market items. My question to you is this. What are you doing to improve Alexander Co. I am 68 and I am doing my part as I have for 36 years . I pay taxes, I serve on jury when called, I volunteer for several community groups and Ebenezeer Childrens Home up in Wilkes. I also had to travel to Iredell Co. and Catawba county for many years to earn a living for my family. 4 of my children are within 45 mins of Vashti. They also give back to their communities by being volunteer firefighters, teachers, community leaders, and no not one of them has been in jail. I take almost no credit..I had so much help from Pastor Gary Jennings, Dale McCurdy family, Art Duncan family,, Paul Fox family and I could name countless others like Linda Barnette, Odessa I just ask the one question.?? What is your part. Your parents are not stuck in a time warp. They like where they live..please respect that. Maggie Taylor

Submitted By: Outside InsiderSubmitted: 4/17/2014
Mrs. Taylor, I believe you've missed my point entirely. Community Gardens, a nice park on an old rock quarry, etc. will certainly nurture a family just as it did mine, but they wont feed it. I apologize for coming accross as arrogant in my factory worker remark, that was not my intent. Both of my parents still work in one of those few remaining factories; they are good, decent, hard-working people and I grew up well because of it. But how many jobs do you think there are in those factories? The short answer is: Not enough. I know a kid specifically, I won't call him by name of course. Said kid is now 27 years old, our parents are friends. He comes from another good, hard-working, decent family. He was average in school, he worked hard, but he didn't get into college. He worked for one of those factories for a little while after high school, until he was laid off. Just married, baby on the way, laid off. Its tough, but it happens. He'll bounce back, right? Wrong. THREE years passed, no job. The new wife left, he moved back in with those good parents. He would have gladly dug ditches to feed his little one. He went to all 4 neighboring counties, applied for jobs. Nothing. He would have taken anything. It didn't take long for him to fall into the wrong crowd. With no work, nothing to do...he started selling drugs to make money. Not long after that he was cooking meth. Today, he's serving time in prison. Which i'm sure will come as no surprise to you, will make it even harder for him to get even that factory job when he gets out. That's a bad element, the kind of element alcohol would bring, right? Guess what, that element is already there. So of course it's not Alexander County's due responsibility to directly keep this kid in-line, of course not. But what if he'd been able to get a job? How might things have been different for him? And by the way, as I mentioned, he's not the only one. Next time you read the Taylorsville Times, check out the "Most Wanted," the court cases, and the recent arrests. Drugs aren't a small problem in our beloved Alexander. Did you know that there were 7 meth labs busted in Alexander County in 2013? SEVEN! That is an average of 1 meth lab per 37.5 square miles, which means you most likely have a meth lab in your neighborhood. Nice parks won't fix that either. I loved my childhood growing up in Alexander, and contrary to your belief I actually visit quite often. I got a proper raising, just like your children. Just like that kid who's in prison. Just like so many others who turned to drugs. I had great neighbors who cared about me, I loved my church, my schools and my teachers. My parents taught me social responsibility, manners, and community service, just like his did. I fortunately made good grades and got into college, but what did Alexander have to offer me after that? What did I have to offer to closed-minded people in return? The point of my original post was that of a wake-up call, although I fully realize that many (including my very own parents unfortunately) still have their heads in the sand. The county simply must take action to attract industry and jobs, whatever that action is. Tax breaks, legalization of alcohol, there are lots of options, we just have to be open-minded to it and weigh out the pros and cons. Progression and commercialization doesn't have to be a negative event. Give the youth a fighting chance to stay in the county and make a difference. Give them a reason to stay, one that will support a family and open doors.

Submitted By: maggie taylorSubmitted: 4/9/2014
Re: the post of 3/21/14. I would like to commet. I did not grow up in Alexander Co. but I did raise my 6 children here for better than 30 years. I found exactly what I was looking for in Alexander Co. Growing up in a much larger city, I found friends and neighbors who really care about you. I found a church family and a minister who cared about me and my extended family. I found schools who may not score in the top 50 percent of the nation but were MORE than adequate after having my son in a private academy for 2nd grade in the eastern part of the state. I remembered through proper raising, it is the parents and grandparents job to educate, teach responsiblily, manners, and community service to their children. I found that the counselors and 4H, and library staff take a personal interest in Alexander Co. children. As a result of finding Alexander Co., I have 6 children who are educated, capable of living in any state, working as professionals, and even some have advanced degrees and sterling military careers. So my point to the person from 3/21/14 is, you and I were looking for different ways of life, and maybe you have not been back to see the community gardens, the RockyFace Park, the new East Alexander Park, and the new urgent care being finished for July 2014. Maybe you do need to come home sometime with a more open mind on what Alexander Co. has to offer you. Sorry, but to demean people who work in factories is extremely arrogant statement which I resent for those hard working people who do NOT. draw a government check to support them. Roll on Alexander Co..Roll on..

Submitted By: Outside InsiderSubmitted: 3/20/2014
I grew up in Alexander County, but realized as early as elementary school that there is extremely limited opportunity there. After the military (my first move to get out of Dodge), and then college, I got out as quickly as possible. I still keep close contact with many of my childhood friends, who like me got out. We share a common concern: What's left for those who couldn't, wouldn't, didn't get out? And each time I visit the online version of the T-ville Times I get my answer: crime and drugs. Robberies, meth labs, drug busts with intent to sell....sadness. A small town with a smalltown mindset that holds on too strongly to dirt roads and a "country way of life" is killing its future generations. But I guess the road to hell is paved with good intentions, right? No real industry, limited jobs (if you aspire to work your life away in a factory), no opportunity inside the county, top that with healthcare fiasco that folks without said jobs can't afford, increasing taxes and cost of goods.... so they survive by being dragged into the easiest, fastest way to make money, illegally. And since there's no real retail inside the county, they take those illegal dollars outside the county to spend it. What does Alexander gain from that, other than a Sherriff's department and town police force to patrol it....oh wait, that costs tax dollars too. Wake up Alexander. Be PROactive to ways to solve the problem before you have to REact to the crimes. Its time to brainstorm and take action. It won't be popular. It won't line pockets, and it won't change everything overnight, but its time to save your youth and your future. Whether its alcohol, tax breaks for new industry, anything! Open your mind to ideas that will bring industry and jobs to give these kids a fair chance at a decent life.

Submitted By: CFACSubmitted: 2/20/2014
Citizens for the Future of Alexander County Wants Your Opinion on Potential Alexander County Tax Increase! Rising costs, fewer state and federal dollars, shrinking county revenue, more and more people leaving the county to make purchases, lack of local retail, and taking money from the county fund balance could push Alexander County Commissioners to impose an increase in property taxes to meet the county budget needs. CFAC asks YOU where cuts could be made, whether taxes should or should not be increased, and what YOU think could help improve our local economy to keep taxes low. Go to Citizens for the Future of Alexander County Facebook and weigh in your comments.

Submitted By: Cliff FoxSubmitted: 6/19/2013
If the county commissioners would have used the $3,361,991 to recruit new factory employers and give them a few tax incentives to locate in Alexander County like adjacent counties have done they could prevent a future tax increase by increasing the counties tax base instead of upping our property taxes next budget!

Submitted By: Gary E. DavisSubmitted: 3/18/2013
To me the most disturbing matter concerning the up coming referendum of alcohol sales is not the for or against issue, but the falsehood of pretense of saying that you are against alcohol and the sales of it in Alexander County when the same person either drinks and or goes to places outside of the county to eat where everyone knows that alcohol is served. I just simply do not understand this reasoning. If your beliefs are against alcohol to that point, then why do you go to these places outside the county?

Submitted By: KenSubmitted: 3/16/2013
There are a lot of signs all over the county urging citizens to vote for or against the alcohol referendum, but it's going to take a lot more than signs to decide the issue. It's going to take votes. The proponents of unlimited alcohol sales, and it's expanded distribution and promotion, is going all out in their attempt to transform Alexander County's character. They are putting up signs, buying full page ads, and sending out bulk mailings. I say "they", but it is one person who is the driving force behind this proposal. He has apparently gotten 14 others to join his effort to reverse a long held tradition of limited alcohol sales in our county. That tradition and policy is based on family values. Their proposal is based on something quite different. They propose that the county reverse it's long standing tradition of limited alcohol sales. They are trying to seduce (hoodwink is more the word) the county citizens and county government into going along with their vision by enticing them with promises of economic opportunity and appeals to personal freedom. They are claiming that expanded alcohol sales and consumption represents "progress". They are claiming, and attempting to back it up with up "statistics", that their vision of unlimited alcohol availability is the key to the county's economic future. It is obvious that those "statistics" have had a pro-alcohol spin placed upon them in the hopes of persuading the residents of the county and the county commissioners that their pro-alcohol vision is where the county should place it's faith. They are enticing our county government with promises of windfall tax revenues, and unfortunately, some of our county officials seem to be buying into that snake oil scam. You should be very disturbed and concerned about that and tell them so. You've heard all these arguments and promises from the proponents of alcohol before. And like before, nothing has changed. The expansion and promotion of alcohol sales and consumption in Alexander County is just as bad an idea as it has always been. There is no reason to change things now. This proposal is being pushed by a few individuals who seek to become purveyors of alcohol and have visions of fattening their pocketbooks (a dubious proposition in itself) at the expense of the wholesome and family oriented heritage of the our county. These "visionaries" don't care about that. They can't stand not being able to peddle alcohol in our county and want to push it's traditional policy based on wholesome family values aside, substitute their alcohol promoting policy, and put their faith in something quite different. That policy of unlimited alcohol sales, promotion, and consumption throughout the county will not produce an economic boom in the county. The downturn in the economy in our county and the whole country has nothing to do with alcohol sales, and alcohol sales will not magically remedy that. It will not put the county in the money with tax revenues from alcohol sales. It will not magically transform run down and abandoned properties into recreational oases, as the alcohol proponents have claimed. There are not any major hotel chains, alcoholic restaurants, or hordes of alcohol craving tourists just champing at the bit to do business in, or flock to our small rural county. That is just hype the proponents of this abhorrent alcohol referendum use to try to get their way. Signs and slogans are not going to decide the outcome of the alcohol referendum. Votes at the polling places by county residents is going to decide this. Those of you who don't want to see the lid on an alcoholic Pandora's Box opened have to get to the polls, and get as many other like minded citizens as you can to come with you and vote. If not, the proponents of alcohol will succeed, and when they pry the lid open on that Pandora's Box open, you'll never be rid of what flies out! Get out there and vote! The very character of our county is at stake!

Submitted By: Lynn PreslarSubmitted: 3/10/2013
For the past several months I have been reading letters to the editor in the Hickory Daily Record and the Taylorsville Times, concerning the upcoming referendum on alcohol sales in Alexander County. I have clipped many articles from those two papers, and quite frankly will sense much relief when this whole issue is decided. My hope is that when all is said and done, everyone in the county will work together to bring about increased revenues, as many letters indicate is necessary for the county to not "fall off the fiscal cliff"! I am a lifelong resident of Alexander County. My wife and I were educated in the school system, and raised two children who were also educated in the county and who are now college graduates with careers. This county was a great place to raise those children. Many letters sounded like some of our congressmen, giving misleading statistics that made it sound as if all we need to do is vote yes for all four issues on this referendum and we will have better schools, better highways, better law enforcement, better fire protection, and some of the greatest restaurants to take all our new friends that are going to flock to this county to make it their Shangri La! I doubt that will happen! With our highway system in the county, the traffic count, which is the major contributor to chain restaurants locating, is just not there. And I don't think any proponent of this referendum has shown any specific numbers that would indicate a set of true figures that would show just how much revenue would be derived from alcohol sales in this county. There has been a lot of "speculation" however! The county commissioners' campaign to "buy locally" would most likely hold more potential for bringing in more revenue to the county than alcohol sales. Like the lady who said she moved here three years ago to the Bethlehem Community, but since Lowe's in Bethlehem doesn't sell beer or wine she crosses the bridge and spends $500 to $600 a month on groceries. Buy your groceries in Bethlehem if you are "really" concerned about the state of the county economy! Chances are that a large percentage of that grocery money is NOT spent on alcohol. Multiply that by many others who may do the same thing, and look how much revenue we're talking about. So.....I am taking the business aspect out of my decision on this matter. I grew up in a household where my father was a drinker. He never watched me play ball in school or little league, never came to a school play, never came to a graduation, and did not attend my wedding. My childhood was not the most pleasant because of this problem. Fortunately he had a chance later in life to change his ways, and recommitted himself to the Lord and quit drinking 10 or 15 years before his death. If most of the proponents of this referendum had experienced the childhool that I did, they might think twice before making something more available and easy to get that could affect the lives of so many chilkdren. I don't think anyone could argue that making something more available and accessible will cause it to be used more often and by more people. How many children's lives are worth saving from such a terrible experience? We're not just talking about the actions of some child's mother or father getting drunk and perhaps abusing the child, but we should also be thinking of the money spent on alcohol that could be used for the useful benefit of the child. So I agree with Robert Austin, one of my former high school teachers at the old Taylorsville High School, and a man that I respect, in that, for me, it is a moral decision. Our children have enough facing them, so why would we want to do "anything" that could possibly add another thing for them to have to deal with? Is it really worth it? As my Pastor once said in a sermon, "we need to escape from the prison of self-absorption". We need to put our own selfish wants and desires aside, and think about the good of the generation that's going to replace us, and make, or keep, Alexander County as safe as we possibly can - for their sake! We should reject all four issues on the referendum.

Submitted By: Greg DanielsSubmitted: 3/3/2013
I wanted to write about the vote that is on the ballot about legalizing alcohol. I am the son of James Daniels. My dad, as well as, the rest of my family, worked for years in a convenient store that is on the border,literrally the last building on the left going into Catawba county on highway 127. Now Evans Pharmacy. For as long as I can remember, we constantly had people coming to the lake on this side, looking to put their boat in the lake. They constantly wanted to know where in the store our beer was located. And , as dumb as it was nad is, we had to tell them to go back across the bridge to get it and then come BACK to the Alexander county side to put their boats in the water. Over a period of 30 years, I would hate to even think of how much money could have been spent on this side of a bridge. This is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard of because the only thing Alexander is getting from Catawba county selling beer, less than a 1/2 a mile awy is the trash. Why would we not sell alcohol in hte whole county when the town of Taylorsville sells it all? I have no idea. People say that "we don't need it" that it "will bring bad things", wake up people, it's been here for a long time so why not get the taxes from it, instead of just the trash. All of this brings something to mind. Any of you that recycle, and you should, need to check out the brown glass recycling containers at any of our convenient centers. The one off of Teague Town Rd has enough brown beer bottles in it, evry week to fill up a school bus. If you don't believe me, look in it the next time you go. Someone in this county is drinking booze and ALWAYS have been, whether it be store bought or otherwise. These are facts, not just my opinion. Thanks for thinking out of the box, Greg Daniels Class of 1987 A.C.H.S.

Submitted By: ResidentSubmitted: 3/1/2013
I will be forwarding the pictures of the 'Against' signs on church lawns to the IRS. According to the Law, these churches have the right to express their political opinion, but in doing so they will lose their tax exempt status. and Freedom From Religion Foundation Keep the wall between State and church strong.

Submitted By: Law abiding Christian citizenSubmitted: 2/28/2013
Boy am I glad to see that all Christians in the area see the word in true context. The bible does not speak against alcohol but the responsible use of it. I don't know if all those dollars will be brought in they people speak of, but any gain is a gain. I have seen others around me run to other counties on Sunday, sober or not. Alcohol is available to those who want it and being able to have a drink while eating out or being able to buy closer to home instead of driving into city limits or another county will not cause people to start drinking. I urge anyone that consumes to do so responsibly. Trying to shelter everyone from something you don't believe in does no good. Use your efforts to try and promote responsibility. Always have a designated driver and help keep our roads, family, and friends safe. Only my opinion, take it leave it.

Submitted By: Uncommon SenseSubmitted: 2/27/2013
As a Christian who supports our county’s alcohol referendum, there’s something about our county’s debate of this matter that has really come to bother me. From letters to the editor to Facebook postings and so on, there seems to be a generalization being made that all Christians are against alcohol and that the Bible speaks against the consumption of alcohol. My brothers and sisters in Christ, this is far from correct. What might be helpful is to instead suggest that some fundamentalist Christians are against alcohol and interpret the Bible in this such a way as to support their stand. *** When I encounter the biblical witness, I see Jesus who dined with sinners, uplifted for the poor, cured and healed the sick and taught His disciples to follow where he led. He did not speak against the consumption of alcohol. There is not one verse of scripture, regardless of your Bible version where Jesus takes a stand against alcohol. Rather, Jesus consumed wine with his disciples at the last supper, telling them to take and eat the bread and to take and drink the wine, doing so in remembrance of Him. The scriptures are not muddled in this matter – Jesus used wine; real wine. He gladdened the feast at the wedding at Cana by turning water into wine; real wine. Jesus did not have a problem with wine and he was responsible in His consumption of wine. How is it that some pastors have argued that Jesus didn’t really use or consume wine? How in the world is that even biblicly faithful or even an argument unless they are attempting to reinterpret the scriptures to meet their own moral preference? *** I’ve begun to wonder what Jesus would say about our current alcohol referendum in our county. It seems that there are many who would like to put words into Jesus’ mouth on this matter in order to fit their desired moral view. They want to suggest that any follower of Jesus (a disciple) wouldn’t even consider any consumption of alcohol, and yet with Jesus, all 12 of the first disciples drank wine at Jesus direction at the last supper. I’ve even begun to wonder if these with such a narrow view have come to realize that they are, by their message and stand, condemning Jesus as they so roundly attempt to condemn alcohol. *** In this regard, I’d like to speak to all the Christians in our county who either do consume alcohol responsibly in moderation or who don’t see an issue with the responsible consumption of alcohol by those who should choose to do so. Take heart in knowing you are far from alone. There are thousands of Christians in Alexander County who do not subscribe to the narrow views of our fundamentalist Christian brothers and sisters. While we regard their interpretation of scripture as their own and we join with them in worshiping God through Christ, we see this issue very differently. There are many Christian places of worship where responsible, legal and moderate consumption of alcohol is not condemned. Many even faithfully use wine as they celebrate communion, as Jesus instructed of his disciples in the last supper. You may not believe this, but you will find this to be common among Lutheran, Episcopal and Catholic churches, as well as some Presbyterian and Methodist churches, and even among some less fundamentalist Baptist churches. *** Finally, I’d like to offer a thought regarding the upcoming prayer gathering at the high school to pray against this referendum. While I support the right and opportunity of these fellow Christians to gather and faithfully pray boldly, I do think it would be much more faithful to pray simply that God’s will be done in this matter. My great concern is that this event, along with all the “Against” signs in front of many churches are sending an unfortunate message to both Christians and un-Christians in our county. I fear that with these actions these churches are unintentionally, or perhaps even intentionally, saying “we are against those who consume alcohol.” As followers of Christ, we have been called by the witness of Christ to love and serve all, whether they do not consume alcohol, do so responsibly or even if they don’t do so responsibly. Jesus came to serve all, including the broken and the struggling and the outcast. The message I am afraid is being conveyed by these churches is that they are against some of God’s children and they are willing to stand in judgment of those they don’t agree with. A lot about that doesn’t resonate well and is indeed incredibly unfortunate. It’s like reading from these church signs that these churches are “against” children of God unless they conform to their narrow view on this matter. If that be the case, then consider me a Christian whom they are against and who gladly instead welcomes God’s grace to lead my life and give me peace.

Submitted By: lifelong citizenSubmitted: 2/27/2013
We are all feeling the the economic crisis here in this county.There are no jobs and if you do find a job,they want to pay you wages frome the early 1980s.Maybe the expanding of alcohol sales is not the answer according to the moral majority.I have an idea,why dont churchs pay taxs.that would help alot.thanks

Submitted By: Greg ConradSubmitted: 2/25/2013
Alexander County ABC Referendum (in a nutshell) ! Here are the most common cencerns: 1. If this passes will there be more drunks on the highway ? (ANSWER) NO - DRY counties have a much higher % of Alcohol Related accidents and DWI's than WET counties ! 2. Will we see Biker Bars, Strip Clubs, etc. pop up all over the County ? (ANSWER) NO - the Counties Zoning ordinances won't allow those types of businesses ! 3. Will passing this really make any difference in the revenue generated in the county ! (ANSWER) YES - and the amount runs in the MILLIONS ! 4. If this does not pass will our Property Taxes have to go up ? (ANSWER) YES - and they will increase significantly just to cover the Counties obligations ! 5. Our County has lost a large number of Businesses and Restaurants just in the last 6 months ! Will passing this help turn that trend around ? (ANSWER) YES - we know of several Restaurants and Convenience Stores that on on hold from closing, pending the outcome of this election ! ** Many other factual points in favor of passing this could be made, but bottom line is: We have 1 shot at turning the Economy of Alexander County around and it's up to our residents to decide if we stay on a downward economic spiral, or do we give our great county a fighting chance to keep it's head above water ! Let's not blow it this time !! Early Voting starts Thursday - Feb. 28th - Please get out and "VOTE FOR ALL FOUR"

Submitted By: KEN LITTLESubmitted: 2/14/2013
I find it hard to believe that everybody is in such a uproar about alcohol. Alcohol is here and it's here to stay, it couldn't be stopped during prohibition and it will be here from now on. Seems to me it dosen't matter how it's sold, those that want it will get it, even if they have to drive across the river to get it, those that don't want it don't have to drink it. The major diffference will be an increase of revenue for the county. I don't think there will an increase in crime or drinking and driving. Sometimes change is hard and scary to people but I recall a time when Food Lion came to town and everybody was in a tizzy because there were going to sell that evil alcohol. People were going to boycott Food Lion. Now Walmart sells it. Has that really had a negative effect on the county? Should everybody be denied something because you don't approve of it? Everybody has diffferent opinions and one side will win, one will lose, but as I see it if it passes life will go on and no one will be devestated by it. Maybe it's progress maybe it's evil, but like i said it's already here. Maybe you don't want to eat at a restaurant that sells alcohol. I'm sure not all of them will, and if they do there's a place in Catawaba county that does not sell alcohol, maybe it's your turn to drive across the river . I hope we all turn out winners on this.

Submitted By: Uncommon SenseSubmitted: 2/13/2013
Just about every one of our families has one or two of those folks within it who just don’t seem to get the bigger picture. They often don’t even care about, nor even know, how far behind the times they are. You know what I’m talking about. They’re the ones who tend to resent change and they live in fear of new and different things. They argue that things were always better way back when. They see new opportunities as unnecessary and scary changes. While these are often beloved people in our families, and it’s often more challenging to be close to them. When their name or thinking comes up, we often find ourselves just having to say, “Well, that’s just old so-and-so, and well, you know how they are.” *** It seems like this particular relative is what our county has become. In relation to our family of surrounding counties, we’re that one who just doesn’t want to embrace change. Our county lives in fear of new or different things and we don’t tend to tolerate a diversity of views or new and perhaps even wise thinking. People all around us are saying, “Well, that’s just Alexander County, and well, you know how they are.” *** Here’s the big problem with this: This way of thinking will quickly make our county more and more irrelevant. When we appear closed minded the world takes notice. When we reflect a fear of change we also build a wall between us and progress. Take, for instance, our upcoming vote on alcohol. In North Carolina, 98 fellow counties have taken the lead and allowed the sale of alcohol. Alexander County stands as one of only two that has resisted this change. We’ve resisted change for the sake of “heritage” and “tradition.” However, in so doing we have instead shown the world that we’re rather stubborn to change and unfriendly to new thinking (and are not a very welcoming, friendly and inviting county). *** Our upcoming alcohol referendum provides our county a chance to be something different and positive. We can show that we’re not just some irrelevant ole’ “so-and-so,” but RATHER we can embrace a change that welcomes businesses and jobs, healthy growth, economic freedom and empowers individuals in our county to make wise and legal decisions for themselves. This vote isn’t just some small event for our county. It’s a chance to open our county to new and positive and exciting opportunities for growth and progress. Make your vote count. Vote for the benefit of our county and vote for all four parts of the referendum.

Submitted By: ALAN FOUNTAINSubmitted: 2/7/2013
As a retired law enforcement officer I no the evils that nightclubs and bars can bring to a community. As such I am not in favor of "sale by the drink". Although I do feel this is a zoning issue. And can be resolved through proper zoning laws. As for the off premise sale of alcohol, one does not need to be a rocket scientist to understand that there are a lot of people who drink in this county. Some drive after they have been drinking often to go get more beverage. Spend a short time on Sunday in the parking lot of a certain conveinent store on hwy 127 just accross the county line and you will see many people lined up to purchase alcoholic beverages. Some of these folks have driven several miles across our county to get there. A few are there to purchase beverages to continue drinking. Some can't wait and start drinking on the trip back home. This is a major problem. You are very naive to think that you can stop this behavior by voting no to the referendum. I feel that the referendum should have been an all or nothing vote. Allowing some stores (the big chains ) to sell alcohol in the county and banning others (the small mom and pop stores) is not fair and goes against the premiss of free enterprise. Also no one will be forced to sell alcoholic beverages with the passing of this referendum. So those store owners with strong beliefs against selling alcohol can do what they feel is best. With so many of our freedoms being taken away shouldn"t we preserve the one that both the US constitution and the Bible both agree on, freedom of choice and free will. The only impact the vote will have is on the ability of the little business man to compete with big business. Alan Fountain retired sheriffs deputy and concerned citizen Taylorsville, NC

Submitted By: Uncommon SenseSubmitted: 1/27/2013
My fellow citizens, it is time to take a stand against one of the greatest evils of our time: FOOD. All throughout the history of mankind there are continuous testimonies of how food has been misused and sometimes the results have even been tragic. There are even those among us who don’t know how to consume food in reasonable amounts. It therefore only makes sense for us to band together and make now our stand. We demand that there shall not be permitted the sale of any food of any type or in any manner in any restaurant, grocery store, convenience market or any other location where food might otherwise be purchased and/or consumed within our county. This action will clearly and completely eliminate the abuses of food and any of its associated effects and maintain our county as a special place like no other anywhere around. Although the sale of food may be good enough for other counties, our message will be clear, “Food shall have no place or use among the people of Alexander County!” After all, the safest, wisest and only way to keep this potential problem causer out of our society is to prohibit everyone’s access to it entirely. Join us in our cause and let’s together say once and for all, “No” to food.

Submitted By: Gregory Keith ConradSubmitted: 1/20/2013
An (Alexander County) Bethlehem Residents perspective -- I am originally from Caldwell County but 34 yrs. ago I met an Alexander County girl and married her. WE have lived in the Bethlehem area now for about 23 yrs. I feel like I am pretty qualified to address an issue confronting our County ! The March 19th ABC Referendum !! That being said, let me give you my take ! Being a 23 yr. resident of Bethlehem, (Alexander County) NC. and a pretty big (go out to eat) Chow Hound and a light social drinker, a Musician and someone who stays pretty active, I can give you some personal insight ! The Bethlehem area is completely DRY ! You can't buy Beer or Wine in our Grocery Store - We have no ABC store - You can't have a Beer with your Pizza or a Cocktail with a nice meal. We go to Hickory 95% of the time to do about everything ! Not only eating out, but go to the Movie, go Bowling, hear or play music, shop the nicer stores , etc., etc. The amount of money that we spend out of Alexander County is huge ! I know we are not that different than many other Alexander County Residents who do the same ! A YES vote for the ABC Referendum could be huge for Alexander County. This County is very close to BROKE ! PLEASE - take the time to learn the FACTS !

Submitted By: Georgia CarterSubmitted: 1/15/2013
I live outside of North Carolina and am the grandparent of two young children living in your community. For the second time in only a few years, we do not know where these children are living or how they are because their mother has chosen to cut off communication with their father and his family. The holidays – especially their birthdays and Christmas – are sad times for all of us because we cannot share our love with them. We have gifts wrapped and saved for them in hopes of finding them and seeing them again. I would like to ask all of the young people in your community and throughout our country to please give thought to the consequences of bringing children into the world in an uncommitted relationship. Wouldn’t it be nice for your children to know and share in the love of all their family and not be hidden or kept from half of their heritage? These children are not property and you will not be able to eliminate the half of them that is in your past by keeping them from their other parent. It is a painful situation that is playing out for many families throughout our society. We will continue to look for these children because it is important to us that they know we love them and have not forgotten them. I hope that if the mother of these children sees this letter, she will search her heart and know that we only want to share our love with these children and will continue our efforts to find them again.

Submitted By: Uncommon SenseSubmitted: 12/10/2012
While there have been, and will be, many who will stand against any person’s access or responsible use of alcohol in this county, I would like to offer a helpful perspective of a different nature. --- First, responsible alcohol consumption is perfectly legal every part of the United States. While this seems common sense, those who stand against responsible alcohol use do not like or desire this being so. The law provides that citizens of a legal age may legally and responsibly consume alcohol. This said, it is then not legal to irresponsibly consume excessive amounts of alcohol, and therefore it is not allowed. Citizens are therefore empowered to make wise and responsible decisions. For some, this means that they should chose not consume alcohol. For others, this opens a door to proper and legal moderate consumption of alcohol. This is part of the freedom our country provides, regardless of individual or religious preference. --- Those who stand against any and all alcohol consumption in our county have made a series of arguments that do not stand up to scrutiny. --- First, there is an assumption that the consumption of any amount of alcohol can cause someone to become immediately drunk. This is entirely incorrect. Drunkenness is a state that occurs when an individual irresponsibly consumes alcohol in excess and beyond moderation. Moderate alcohol consumption does not yield drunkenness. --- Second, there is an argument made that religion specifically prohibits alcohol consumption. This is truly a matter of religious perspective, and one in which there is no clear understanding against reasonable and responsible alcohol consumption. From a Christian perspective, consider this: --- In Jesus’ first miracle, he changed water to wine at the wedding at Cana. Some have tried to argue that the wine Jesus created was in fact only a “wine-like-substance” and was rather just grape juice. The problem here is that grape juice rapidly ferments (becomes wine) in a short amount of time, and this wedding is months beyond the harvest (the Passover). Without refrigeration they had no way of preserving grape juice and all grape juice in this time would have naturally fermented into wine. Jesus therefore made wine (the best wine the text says) in this miracle. Jesus even used wine (same original Greek word) in the last supper with his disciples on the night before he was betrayed and put to death on the cross. --- Further, Jesus was even called a drunkard by his critics, the Pharisees, in Matthew 11:19 (The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Behold, a gluttonous man and a drunkard, a friend of tax-gatherers and sinners!’ Yet wisdom is vindicated by her deeds.”) Why would Jesus be accused of being a drunkard, a charge leveled by those who were out to crucify him, if Jesus didn’t in fact ever consume wine or any other drink that contained alcohol? It wouldn’t make sense for the Pharisees to call Jesus anything close to a drunkard if it wasn’t known that he did on one or more occasions consume wine containing alcohol. --- Consider also this verse from the 104th Psalm (14-15) "He (God) causes the grass to grow for the cattle, and vegetation for the labor of man, so that he may bring forth food from the earth, and wine which makes man’s heart glad, so that he may make his face glisten with oil, and food which sustains man’s heart," (Psalm 104:14-15). --- Why would God permit wine (which gladdens the heart) if it were a sin? We can therefore see that the consumption of wine/alcohol is not sinful – but rather, as the Bible commonly professes, it is the excessive and irresponsible consumption of alcohol that leads to drunkenness, and drunkenness is the sin, not responsible consumption. In like manner, the consumption of food is not wrong or sinful, but excessive consumption of food is sinful - a sin known as gluttony. It is the excessive abuse that is sinful, but not the responsible and moderate use. --- Finally, let’s consider some uncommon sense on this matter. If the appropriate and responsible consumption of alcohol is legal in the United States, why would it make sense that legal access to alcohol be prohibited, such as it is in our county (both entirely outside the city of Taylorsville and limited within the borders of the Taylorsville city limits)? --- Wouldn’t it make more sense if those who desired not to consume alcohol were to simply not purchase or consume, while responsible citizens who desired to do so responsibly had access to do so legally? This is where our current argument stands. This is also why there will be many who will attempt intimidate citizens to “vote down” this referendum and force their will upon all citizens. While those who stand against this referendum do not have legal or complete biblical grounds to stand upon, they will rather work to continue to hinder access and enforce their will against responsible and reasonable citizens. --- Perhaps this referendum therefore provides our county with a great opportunity for dialogue and reasonable discussion in this matter. My fear, however, is that reasonable discussion will be hard to come by, as those who stand against this referendum will not be prone to discussion, but rather to take action to enforce their will upon all.

Submitted By: Barbara MarianiSubmitted: 10/3/2012
What happened to the Chamber of Commerce in downtown Taylorsville? I read it was being closed, but no reason why. What is the story behind this?

Submitted By: Amy DawsonSubmitted: 5/10/2012
I just read a letter to the editor and I had to take a moment to offer a rebuttal. Lana Davidson of Taylorsville wrote a long letter to the editor with her vision for the library. In her vision, the library will be an empty building because basically the children will no longer be allowed or invited into the space. Those same children will grow up not knowing or caring about the library and eventually it will be an institution that will go by the wayside. The library is more than just a book warehouse. I know because I am a librarian within Alexander County Schools and I was once the Youth Services Head at Catawba County Library in Newton. It is a place where children and adults can come to check out books, use the computers, participate in programs, and partake of the mulititude of resources that the institution has to offer. Gone are the days where you had librarians walking around telling everyone to be quiet. I do not do it in my school library unless the noise level is extreme and I did not do it at the Catawba County Library unless the language was offensive. And guess what? Kids love going to the library and checking out books at the Alexander County library. You know why? Ms. Mel and others do a fabulous job of making the kids and their parents feel welcome. Personally, I like the noise. It means the facility is being used. If Ms. Davidson has her way, you will have an empty building with dust collecting on the books. People will quit coming. I highly encourage the community members, Library Board of Directors, County Commissioners, and Friends of the Library to give the library staff a pat on the back and tell them to keep up the good job. The dogs, laughter, snacks, singing, and clapping mean the building is busy and serving the community exactly the way it was intended.

Submitted By: Jim MillerSubmitted: 5/5/2012
The Constitution serves the purpose of regulating the government. We The People are regulated by laws. When The People want to regulate the behavior of Government, we amend the Constitution. James Madison once argued that there should be no Bill of Rights because by listing what the government cannot do, some may incorrectly assume that what is not listed within the Bill of Rights will by default become a right of the Government. A good example of James Madison’s concern has manifested itself in the debate regarding The Health Care Bill, which will only be deemed Constitutional if there is a lack of Amendment which specifically states that the government does not have the right to force The People to purchase an insurance policy. But I reach out to you today not about the Health Care Bill, but about the amendment to the North Carolina Constitution which would define marriage as being between one man and one woman. As a Social Conservative it is my opinion that homosexuality is nothing more than sexual nonconformity. As a Constitutional Conservative however, I do not believe that the government has any business regulating either sexuality or nonconformity. Even more dear to Social Conservatives than the sanctity of marriage is the sanctity of religion; but it was Constitutional Conservative Thomas Jefferson who said “it does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg”. Gay marriage neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg. In fact, it’s already illegal in our State. For politicians to say that we need to give the government the right to prohibit all citizens from participating in a behavior that neither picks the pockets nor breaks the legs of those whom it offends is utterly and indefensibly Progressive. As for the political argument that North Carolina “is not equipped to handle [gay marriage]”, I must offer an analogy from my own career. I am a Paramedic, and if for some reason I happened to be ill equipped to handle a particular 911 call, under no circumstances would it be acceptable for me to make a policy of simply banning any 911 call that doesn’t fit my pre-existing protocols. While the Obama Administration has divided us by using Federal policy to make people dependent upon the Democrat Party, it is equally unjust to use the status quo of Obama tyranny as an excuse to use social engineering to implement facets of the Republican agenda. A true Constitutional Conservative wants the government to have NO rights over the citizens. If you believe that the Government has the right to tell you what to eat, what to purchase, what car to drive, or who you can spend the rest of your life with, then you are a Progressive and should identify yourself as such. Sincerely, Jim Miller

Submitted By: Kevin TaylorSubmitted: 4/19/2012
Please research the people running for office and vote May 8th. Look at the judges. They will be running our court systems and you probably know the least about them. Here is someone I found interesting.

Submitted By: Brandy CrockerSubmitted: 4/14/2011
When did sports become more important that someone loosing all they have to a storm? Very dissappointed in the fact that we have forgotten our "roots" and worship sports as a God. People need to know what happened to those poor families that lost so much during the April storm.

Submitted By: charles mcginnisSubmitted: 4/13/2011
I want to know what happened to our hometown development corp. does anybody know .

Submitted By: Bob WillettSubmitted: 3/16/2011
Bill Tolson gave of himself to Bethleham elementary school as a listener and was involved for many years at the food pantry with his wife Claire @ Mt. Pisgah Lutheran Church in Bethleham.

Submitted By: Bill JohnsonSubmitted: 3/15/2011
would like to know if the county has someone on the payroll who works on their website. This is the worst thing to find somthing on. It ask if you want to watch the meetimgs they have,but they are a year old. Also they have them on the Charter Cable, but you can never find out when the showings are. If we are paying someone to do this they should save the taxpayers money and stop. Maybe the Times can post the viewing times for the readers to see our county in action. Thank You

Submitted By: Jon WillettSubmitted: 3/10/2011
March 19th will be one year since this county will of lost one of the greatest men to have ever lived. His name is Bill Tolson, my grandfather. He volunteered in the Bethlehem community and through the years touched many lives. He had a positive affect on this county and everyone who had the pleasure of meeting him. On the 19th of this year, and if possible, every year to come i would like to see Bethlehem Elementary take a few seconds of their time and have a moment of silence in his name. I believe he earned it for all he has done. Thank you, Jon Willett

Submitted By: Randy BowmanSubmitted: 2/16/2011
What is the use for our law enforcement to arrest people for crimes if the DA is going to bargin and let them go.When a person is arrested for carrying a conceled weapon,possession of meth with intent to sell,possession of heroin with intent to sell,possession of drug parifenilla,dui and driving left of center all at one time and the DA dissmisses all charges except possession of drug par and dui whats the use.I feel for our law enforcement officials who risk their lives to protect us and all the DA does is slap them on the wrist and let them go.I guess if they would have pulled the weapon out and killed someone it may have been worth prosecuting.Keep up the good work Law enforcement and maybe someday the DA will catch up to you guys and start prosecuting these criminals

Submitted By: vic starnesSubmitted: 2/5/2011
Seth Chapman, it's kind of humorous that your liberal ancestors were hunting Robins with rocks to fill the dinner pot. You libs must have been anti-gun then too. When my conservative ancestors sat down over rabbit stew, they talked about FDR'S big spending policies dragging out the recession just as Obama's are now :-)

Submitted By: Dorothy HargroveSubmitted: 11/15/2010
Linda Reno passed away several years ago.

Submitted By: Scott Lee BrookshireSubmitted: 10/23/2010
I would like to send a comment out to others in this town. This country was founded on strong principles, Love, Faith, God, Honesty, and many more. It seems as each day passes that we grow farther and farther from those principles. It seems that this country is losing its identity. They say if you want change you have to get out and vote. You have to speak out, and voice your opinion. Well I am twenty-five years old, and I am sick and tired of the downhill turn this country is taking. Our leaders locally and nationally are so corrupt, they have no clue what great men like Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, Lincoln, and more were speaking of when they wrote some very important documents like The Declaration of Independence, or The Constitution. We need change, but how are we ever gonna get any change when the whole system is corrupt; it's so bad that our own government, sworn to protect us, and serve us, sends our jobs to other countries, takes away a little more freedom each year. And the sad part is we have become so numb to it, it is almost like we don't even care anymore. How would things be if the Founding Fathers had the same attitude about King George? Where would we be now? I'm just a simple man, never going to be powerful, or famous, but I would like to have a voice. I think there are lots more people out there, that feel the way I do, maybe if we would join together, maybe then we might make a change.

Submitted By: David P. WalkerSubmitted: 2/19/2010
In the Feb. 17 issue of the TT David Odom stated a goal of his if elected to school board was to "Adhere to the state law which guarantees every student to receive a free, basic education." Seems democrats tend to throw "free" around alot when it comes to government subsidized programs. I would like to remind Dave that us hard working taxpayers pay for that "free" education. People need to learn that government-run programs are not FREE except to those who don't work and don't have to pay taxes. No wonder the Dems don't mind spending our future into oblivion; it's FREE and money grows on trees!

Submitted By: Submitted: 1/15/2010
very disappointed in the amount of coverage the boys & girls jv basketbal teams get compared to the varsity teams--they are just as important to the school as the varsity games. Hope to see better coverage in the future! thanks

Submitted By: david fordSubmitted: 12/20/2009
I use to live in Taylorsville now in live in La. Tring to find a old friend Linda Reno . I still keep up with the news there with your web page it is great . Keep up the good work . thanks David Ford

Submitted By: SharonSubmitted: 10/6/2009
WOW!!!! I am EXTREMELY pleased with the quick response I recieved on my previous comment. I have passed the quick response to the request on to my family and friends. Thanks Taylorsville Times 4 keeping us informed!!!!

Submitted By: Submitted: 10/5/2009

Would like to see something about the incident that happened on Heritage Farm Rd in Bethlehem Wed. Sep 29th. Many of us are concerned that a criminal could be lurking and have no idea what/who to be watching for. Thx

Editor's Note:

The Times will be posting a story on this incident shortly.

Submitted By: Jim FroggeSubmitted: 8/14/2009
I was surprised to log on today and see such an improvement in your online version of the Taylorsville Times. Some of the ‘other’ local (and mostly bigger) area newspapers could learn something from you. Congrats as you are making us locals proud with your keeping up with technology. Maybe you should consider calling our favorite and local paper “The Taylorsville Tech Times”! I will certainly be a paying subscriber!! Thanks! Jim Frogge Stony Point

Submitted By: GarySubmitted: 8/8/2009
Love the new website! Keep up the good work.

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