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December 09, 2023

Second skunk tests positive for rabies in Alexander


Alexander County Animal Services has confirmed that a second skunk has tested positive for rabies in Alexander County. This is the second skunk testing positive for rabies within a 2 week time.

The skunk was reported by a citizen off of Cloverdale Lane in Taylorsville, according to Jennifer Sigmon, Director of Animal Services for Alexander County. The resident witnessed the animal chasing after his dog. The dog owner killed the skunk, contained his dog, and contacted Animal Services. There was suspected exposure from the skunk to the dog via mucous membranes when the two animals came nose-to-nose during the altercation.

The dog’s rabies vaccination had lapsed about a year and a half ago. Since the dog was not currently vaccinated, the owner was given the choice of either quarantining the dog for 6 months at a veterinary office or euthanasia. The dog owner elected euthanasia and the dog was humanely euthanized by Alexander County Animal Services.

No humans or other animals were exposed to the skunk or the dog.

The public is strongly urged to vaccinate all of their pets, even those that are indoor only, against rabies and to be sure vaccinations are kept up-to-date. All it takes is a brief encounter with a rabid animal to expose another animal to this deadly disease, Sigmon stated.

Residents who are unsure of their pet’s rabies vaccination due date or cannot find a current rabies certificate should have the vaccination repeated. A pet is not considered currently vaccinated until 28 days after the vaccination, said Sigmon.

Residents with any related questions, should contact the Alexander County Animal Services at 828-632-1199.

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