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April 24, 2024

Top school employees honored

PUBLIC EDUCATORS AND STAFF RECOGNIZED — The 2018 Alexander County Schools Excellence in Education Awards Ceremony and Reception was held Thursday, May 10, with awards presented in the Alexander Central Auditorium. Hors d’oeuvres were available in the ACHS cafeteria following the ceremony. Award winners are shown above, left to right: Kelly This, Instructional Coach, Taylorsville Elementary School; Jason Evans, Alexander Early College Principal; Amber Treadway, Wells Fargo Teacher of the Year, East Alexander Middle School; Nikki McClain, Bookkeeper at East Alexander Middle School; and Justin Chandler, Beginning Teacher of the Year, West Alexander Middle School.


Families of Alexander County Schools’ Excellence in Education award nominees gathered for the 2018 “…Of the Year” ceremony and reception on Thursday, May 10, at Alexander Central Auditorium.

Dr. Jennifer Hefner, Superintendent, welcomed the audience to start the evening. Awards were presented by the 2017 winners.

Beginning Teacher of the Year was announced by 2017 winner, Miss Jenny Edsel. Nominees were: Chris McCollum, Physics and Physical Science teacher, Alexander Central High; Justin Chandler, 8th Grade English/Language Arts teacher, West Alexander Middle; Rylee Pittman, Exceptional Children’s teacher, Hiddenite Elementary; and Cassondra Widener, Exceptional Children’s teacher at Taylorsville Elementary. Justin Chandler was named the winner.

Classified Support Staff of the Year was announced by Mrs. Debbie Schrum. The nominees were: Rebecca Bouchard, Teacher Assistant, Stony Point Elementary; Donna Bowman, Teacher Assistant, Wittenburg Elementary; Randy Childers, Custodian, Sugar Loaf Elementary; Beverly Elder, Permanent Substitute, Taylorsville Elementary; Sandy Foxx, Receptionist, Alexander Central High; Atina Keever, Language Facilitator, Hiddenite Elementary; Nikki McClain, Bookkeeper, East Alexander Middle; Fran Moose, Permanent Substitute, Bethlehem Elementary; Kathy Rector, EC Teacher Assistant, West Alexander Middle; Crystal Sherrill, Data Manager/Bookkeeper/Receptionist, Alexander Early College; and Sandra Teague, EC Teacher Assistant, Ellendale Elementary. Nikki McClain was named Classified Support Staff of the Year.

Certified Support Staff of the Year nominees were announced by 2017 winner, Mrs. Michaele Costello. Those nominees were: Amanda Blackburn, School Nurse, Sugar Loaf Elementary; Megan Calhoun, School Counselor, West Alexander Middle; Amy Chapman, School Counselor, Hiddenite Elementary; Jacob Lail, Assistant Principal, East Alexander Middle; Erin Lewis, Media Coordinator, Ellendale Elementary; Michelle Motley, Instructional Coach, Bethlehem Elementary; Alisha Orren, School Counselor, Wittenburg Elementary; Michaell Ratchford, School Counselor, Alexander Early College; Kara Smith, School Counselor, Stony Point Elementary; Natasha Smith, School Counselor, Alexander Central High; Kelly This, Instructional Coach, Taylorsville Elementary. The 2018 winner of Certified Support Staff of the Year was Kelly This.

Teacher of the Year nominees were named by Mr. Brian Smith, 2017 winner. Those nominees were: Tennille Baker, 2nd & 3rd Combination, Ellendale Elementary; Beth Duncan, 11th & 12th English, Alexander Central High; Kristine Ford, 1st Grade, Wittenburg Elementary; Emily Fox, 5th Grade, Hiddenite Elementary; Terri Fincannon, Exceptional Children, Taylorsville Elementary; Chelsea Harrington, 5th Grade, Stony Point Elementary; Lauren Moses, 3rd Grade, Sugar Loaf Elementary; Leanna Noble, EC Reading & Math, West Alexander Middle; Brittney Payne, 1st Grade, Bethlehem Elementary; Amber Treadway, 8th Grade Social Studies, East Alexander Middle; and Melissa Sharpe, 9th & 10th Math, Alexander Early College. Amber Treadway was named 2018 Teacher of the Year.

Principal of the Year nominees were announced by 2017 winner, Dr. Chad Maynor. He called the three nominees to the stage: Jason Evans, Alexander Early College; Janel Lingle, Taylorsville Elementary; and Rene Stilwell, Hiddenite Elementary. Jason Evans was named 2018 Principal of the Year.

Winners received award trophies and all nominees received messenger bags in recognition of their service to the school system.

Sponsors for the evening included Wells Fargo, State Employees’ Credit Union, Horace Mann agent Glenn Eckard, and Carolina Photography, Inc.

The award winners, nominees, and their families then retired to the ACHS cafeteria for hors d’oeuvres following the ceremony.


Certified Support Staff of the Year 2018 nominees are shown above, left to right: front row – Jacob Lail, Alisha Orren, Natasha Smith, Kelly This, and Erin Lewis; back row – Michelle Motley, Michaell Ratchford, Amanda Blackburn, Amy Chapman, Megan Calhoun, and Kara Smith.


Principal of the Year 2018 nominees are shown above, left to right: Janel Lingle, Jason Evans, and Rene Stilwell.


Teacher of the Year 2018 nominees are shown above, left to right: front row – Kristine Ford, Lauren Moses, Amber Treadway, Chelsea Harrington, and Terri Fincannon; back row – Melissa Sharpe, Brittney Payne, Emily Fox, Tennille Baker, Beth Duncan, and Leanna Noble.


Classified Support Staff of the Year 2018 nominees are pictured above, left to right: front row – Fran Moose, Nikki McClain, and Sandra Teague; second row – Randy Childers, Kathy Rector, and Donna Bowman; back row – Atina Keever, Rebecca Bouchard, Beverly Elder, Crystal Sherrill, and Sandy Foxx.




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