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February 21, 2024

Dr. Merrill partners with Piedmont Healthcare, patient records requested

Dr. Steven Merrill, of Taylorsville, told The Times that he has signed a contract with Piedmont Healthcare, to partner with that organization so that he can resume seeing patients around the first part of September.

Merrill had been in contact with several potential partners who could help him resume medical practice.

“I felt, by far, that the Piedmont Healthcare group would offer the most stability, and be the best in terms of patient care for Alexander County,” Dr. Merrill stated.

He hopes to start seeing patients beginning Tuesday, September 3, 2018. Dr. Merrill’s temporary office will be in the Urgent Care of Mountain View, in Taylorsville, behind People’s Drug.

“I’ll be working there [Urgent Care] for a couple months, until a permanent office can be established,” said Dr. Merrill.

For people who plan on staying with Dr. Merrill as their primary physician, he requests that those patients obtain a copy of their medical records from Catawba Valley Family Medicine, and bring the records down to the Urgent Care in Taylorsville, so the records may be entered into the new system.

Brian Bechtol, PA, of the Urgent Care, and Dr. Merrill have established a good relationship and will work together on this project in a mutually beneficial way.

In the next two weeks, a telephone number will be established for Dr. Merrill, so that he can begin scheduling patient visits. This will be announced in The Times and other methods.

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