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March 05, 2024

With impending storm, schools urge parent use of multiple information sources

Automated call system may not reach every family

Alexander County school officials are alerting parents to use multiple communication sources for weather-related information over the next few days.

Although the school system uses the automated call system to alert parents of school delays, dismissals, and cancellations, please plan to use alternate sources in the event the call system is overloaded or information has not been updated.

“Parents should plan to use all sources of communication available which includes the district website, school social media sites, The Taylorsville Times’ Breaking News, and WACB AM 860 radio station. The likelihood that all surrounding school systems will also be making calls during the same timeframe is extremely high. We do not want parents to depend on the call as the only source of information in an emergency situation,” according to school officials. “Many students have not returned the data forms to the schools and the larger schools have not had time to process all of the information into the system.”

The school system administration will maintain close contact with emergency management to determine any changes in the school schedule due to weather-related events.

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