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March 01, 2024

School threat intercepted

On Friday, November 16, 2018, The Times was notified that Alexander County Schools have been made aware of a future threat that was intercepted by law enforcement in Alexander County.

Law enforcement officers are taking this very seriously. All available personnel are working to assure the safety of our community, according to Renee Meade, Public Information Officer for the school system.

Alexander County Sheriff Chris Bowman told The Times Nov. 16 that his office was informed of a letter that originated from within the Alexander Correctional Institution (state prison) in Taylorsville, and it is believed the letter came from an inmate. The letter stated that three schools near the prison would be “blown up,” on Dec. 27. There is no school in session due to the holiday break at that time, Bowman related.

Sheriff Bowman reiterated that officers are taking the threat seriously. Sheriff’s Office investigators are doing interviews regarding the letter currently. His officers are working with N.C. Department of Corrections and Dept. of Public Safety personnel as well.

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