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February 25, 2024

Alexander Co. 911 featured in state publication

THE THIN GOLD LINE — Between the Thin Red, White and Blue Lines of Public Safety (Fire, EMS, and Police, respectively) lies the Thinnest Gold Line, this narrowest of lines represents those who rarely are seen, but always heard and appreciated. The calm voice in the dark, the heroes behind the scenes, the Golden Glue that holds it all together: Dispatchers, who are honored in April during National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week. Shown above, left to right: front row – 911 Director Greg Foster, Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Tod Jones, Sheriff Chris Bowman; back row – Telecommunicator AJ Reid, Shift Supervisor Matt Simms, Telecommunicator Matt Scoggins, Telecommunicator Justin Combs, Shift Supervisor Patricia Lee, Shift Supervisor Matt Jordan, Telecommunicator Donald Barnett, Telecommunicator Daniel Fox, Telecommunicator Caleb Teague. Not Pictured: Shift Supervisor James Goodwin, Telecommunicators Darren Chewning, Steven Carson, Connie Hilton, Josh Bunton, Tina Canipe, Debra Mitchell, Jon Acord, Tiffany Getz and Richard Taylor.

Alexander County 911 is featured in the NC National Emergency Number Spotlight Newsletter for the month of April 2019, according to Greg Foster, E-911 Communications Director, Office of the Sheriff Alexander County. The text of the article is featured below.

The article states that Alexander County 911 has “13 full-time team members working 12-hour shifts on a Dupont Schedule. They do not have a slide shift. Along with 911 Call Intake, Alexander County E-911 Communications dispatches for the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office, Police, Animal Control, Fire, Rescue and EMS. They also handle after hours for Hospice, DSS, Home Health, City Public Works, County Public Works and Maintenance.

Alexander County E-911 Communications falls under the Alexander County Sheriff. One of their biggest success highlights this year was moving to a cloud based CAD service.
Alexander County E-911 Communications currently holds 1 full-time and 1 part-time vacancy. Interested parties should visit

Statistical Information/Challenges/Goals

In 2018, Alexander County E-911 Communications answered over 21,000 911 calls and over 75,000 non-emergency calls, for a total of over 96,000 total calls answered. They dispatched over 57,000 calls for service.

Like many 911 Centers across the State, Alexander County E-911 Communications faces challenges. One of their biggest challenges they face is keeping up with a competitive pay market. Alexander County E-911 Communications’ future goal is to construct a new center for more much-needed space.”

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