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April 17, 2024

Manhunt: Sheriff’s Office looking for 127 suspect

Officers are searching for a breaking and entering suspect in Ellendale which was scared off by a property owner on Wednesday morning, August 21, 2019, about 8:30 a.m.

Alexander County Sheriff Chris Bowman stated that the suspect, believed to be a male of unknown race, had illegally entered a residence Wednesday morning in the 1400 block of NC 127 (locally known as “in the curves”). The suspect was confronted by the property owner, then the suspect ran away. A short time later, the suspect crossed the road and was seen at another residence in the corner of the yard; when spotted he ran away again.

Sheriff Bowman noted that state agency bloodhounds are en route to the 127 location. He has also called in off-duty deputies to assist in the search.

The suspect is described as man of unknown age wearing a black/green shirt (possibly camouflage), with camo pants, and a green/black bandana around his neck.

If you see the suspect, immediately call 911 to report the location. To relay other information about the case, call the Sheriff’s Office at 828-632-2911.

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