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March 05, 2024

Hometown Strong delegation visits Alexander County this week

STATE RESOURCES TO HELP RURAL AREAS, LIKE ALEXANDER — North Carolina’s “Hometown Strong” team visited Alexander County on Monday, August 26. Some 25 representatives of numerous state departments met with county staff to discuss the county’s priorities, needs, and concerns. A list of action items will be developed soon.

Members of North Carolina’s Hometown Strong team visited Alexander County on Monday, August 26, at Rocky Face Mountain Recreational Area’s multipurpose building. The team, comprised of approximately 25 representatives of numerous state agencies, met with county staff to discuss Alexander County’s priorities, needs, and concerns.

Topics that were discussed include the Alexander Industrial Park, infrastructure (broadband, water, and sewer), transportation, zip code changes, Medicaid for inmates, mental health, and more.

The state team in Alexander County represented the departments of Administration, Commerce, Environment Quality, Health and Human Services, Information Technology, Public Safety, Revenue, Transportation, and the offices of State Human Resources and State Budget and Management. Barbara Gibson, Director of Office of State Human Resources, was the team’s delegation leader for the visit.

Hometown Strong is an initiative that offers a more personal and hands-on approach for state government’s reaction to the needs of North Carolina’s rural communities. Hometown Strong creates a partnership between state agencies and local leaders to champion rural communities. The effort leverages state and local resources, identifies ongoing projects and community needs, and implements focused plans to boost the economy, improve infrastructure, and strengthen North Carolina’s hometowns.

Based on the conversations, the Hometown Strong team will develop a list of action items and collaborate with Alexander County officials and staff to provide assistance and help strengthen the county.

The core principles of Hometown Strong are:

Use Existing Data and Programs. Using existing resources avoids start-up delay and moves projects rapidly into action.

Use Local Priorities. Listening to local leaders about their community needs focuses action in the right areas.

Lead with Positives. Every community has strengths to build upon and a desire to prosper while maintaining a unique character. Building on strengths and assets already in place and coming from a positive perspective creates ongoing momentum.

Share Templates for Success. State agencies can bring technical assistance and other resources to bear upon local priorities that can complete projects on the cusp, convene a group of decision-makers or begin planning for long-term projects.

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