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March 02, 2024

Water line project to begin soon in Wittenburg Springs

Residents of Wittenburg Springs in Bethlehem are advised that water line repairs are scheduled to begin soon in the subdivision. Over the past several years, there have been numerous water main breaks and leaks in the area resulting in interruption of water service.
Alexander County recently acquired funding to extend water lines to additional areas of the county, and contracted with Buckeye Bridge LLC for the project. The county has added the Wittenburg Springs rehabilitation to the project to alleviate the recurring water service issues in that neighborhood. Buckeye Bridge will complete the Wittenburg Springs project at a cost of $232,863. Once construction begins, the project should be complete within a seven-week period.
Ductile iron water lines will be installed prior to abandoning the current plastic water mains, which have experienced multiple failures. Ductile iron lines will result in a more resilient and reliable water distribution system in the subdivision for many years to come.
During the repair work, neighborhood residents may notice an increase in utility construction traffic, as well as temporary disturbances to property where the new water lines are installed. The contract includes the repair of disturbed grass and driveways.
If you have questions or concerns regarding this project, contact County Manager Rick French at (828) 632-9332.

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