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December 09, 2023

Friends of the Library Book Sale is October 2-5

FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY GEAR UP FOR BOOK SALE — Pictured above, left to right: Alexander Friends of the Library members Bill Miller, Genny Masters, Jennifer Beckham, and Hazel Yoder are shown sorting books for the group’s 2019 book sale, planned October 2-5 in Taylorsville.

The tables are laden with books — thousands of them. Ready for purchase. Waiting to be read. Whatever topic you want whether fiction or real, it’s there for you. And at a real bargain too ($1 for hard cover and 50 cents for soft cover).

The books are at the Alexander Friends of the Library (AFOL) annual book sale which begins today October 2 and continues through Oct. 5. The sale is the organization’s main fundraiser and will be held at the same location as last year, on Industrial Boulevard across from the CVCC, Alexander campus.

Sale dates for the public will be October 3-4 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and October 5 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesday, October 2 is reserved for Taylorsville and Bethlehem FOL members. They will be able to shop 1- 6 p.m. Anyone who is not an AFOL member can become one at the door in order to shop on Oct. 2.

Membership fees are $10 for an individual, $15 for a family and $8 for a senior citizen or youth. Professional book dealers will not be allowed to shop until Thursday.

AFOL membership also carries with it discounts at several area merchants including: 16/90 Taylorsville Scoops, Adams Funeral Home, Bethlehem Pharmacy, Cline’s Florist, Evans Drugs, Giovanni’s Pizza, Main Avenue Music, Mays Meats, McLindon’s Restaurant, Peoples Drug, Revive Salon, Shortcuts Hair Salon and Town & Country Drugs.

As for the books available for sale they fall into some 20 categories including: fiction, history, gardening/landscaping, crafts, cooking, religion/inspiration, sports, biography, travel, humor, art, animals, business, music and others.

“I’m sure anyone will be able to find a book to their liking, no matter what their area of interest,” said Glenn Mays, AFOL president. “There’s quite a variety and each book is a ‘treasure’ at a great price.”

Mays also thanked members and the community for their help with the sale.

“We are so thankful for the assistance that our members and volunteers provide for this event,” Mays said. “Without them the event would not be possible.”

Mays cited Jennifer Beckham, chairperson for this year’s sale for her efforts to make this year’s sale a success. He also thanked Bill Miller, chief book transporter and sorter, and his crew, Genny Masters, Gail Clary and others, for the work they do throughout the year in preparing the books for sale.

“We also are indebted to the many people in the community who donate books to the Friends for sale at the event,” Mays added. “Without the books there would be no sale.”

Anyone wishing to donate books to the AFOL may take them to the library and ask an employee for assistance. The FOL also sells books discarded by the library.

“We are thankful for the assistance which Library Director Laura Crooks and her staff provide to make the sale possible,” Mays added. “They are always helpful. Proceeds from the sale allow the Friends to provide funds for programs and services for the library that, in turn benefit the entire community.”

Friends purchased new outside furniture at the library and presented a $1,000 scholarship and funded purchase of books used in the Read To Me program and funded other library programs.
“We are so fortunate to have the Friends’ support and advocacy,” Crooks said. “They are such a great help in funding many of our programs and the volunteer assistance they provide for our events.”

She also thanked the volunteers for moving books from the library to the sale site.

“I don’t know where we’d be without their help each week transporting the books and sorting them for storage throughout the whole year,” she said.

Crooks explained that the library does not have the space to store the books until the annual book sale so she and the Friends of the Library are especially grateful for the use of the building offered by the county.

For last few years some of the unsold books were donated to community organizations including nursing homes, detention facility libraries and veteran’s organizations.

“Book lovers can pick up some terrific deals at the sale,” Beckham said. “There will be books for all ages and for any area of interest that anyone may have.”

Anyone who has questions regarding the sale or to volunteer to work at the sale may email or call the library in Taylorsville at 828-632-4058 and ask to leave a message for Beckham.

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