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May 20, 2022

Judicial races: Corbett, Long, Young receive most votes

The Judicial District 22A voters have spoken, and their choice for local judgeships will be Republicans Rob Young and Bryan Corbett for District Court seats, and Will Long for Superior Court, according to unofficial results in the March 3 Republican Primary.

No Democratic candidates filed for the seats in District 22A judicial races.

In the District Court Seat 02 race, Rob Young received 13,964 votes (56.12%) to Susan M. Ervin’s 10,917 votes (43.88%). In Alexander County, this included 3,621 votes for Young (71.56%) and 1,439 for Ervin (28.44%). Iredell totals were Young, 10,343 votes (52.18%) and Ervin, 9,478 (47.82%).

For District Court Seat 06, candidates were Bryan A. Corbett, Adam C. Hilton, and Daryl G. Davidson, Sr. Corbett received 11,897 votes (47.15%) in the district, with Hilton getting 7,554 (29.94%) and Davidson receiving 5,782 votes (22.91%). In Alexander, Corbett got 2,195 votes (42.21%), Hilton had 1,634 (31.42%), and Davidson had 1,371 votes (26.37%). Over in Iredell, Corbett swept with 9,702 votes (48.43%), with Hilton getting 5,920 (29.55%) and Davidson 4,411 (22.025).

In the race for Superior Court Seat 02, Will Long had 13,433 votes (50.69%) and incumbent Julia Lynn Gullett had 13,067 votes (49.31%). However, Alexandrians voted by far in favor of Gullett, with 3,062 votes (57.60%) to Long’s 2,254 votes (42.40%). Iredell voters gave Long 11,179 votes (52.77%) and gave Gullett 10,005 votes (47.23%).


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