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April 18, 2024

Drug store offering COVID antibody rapid testing

Town & Country Drugs in Taylorsville is offering COVID-19 antibody testing, according to pharmacist Phillip Sprinkle. The test will tell if a person’s body has already fought the COVID virus and has formed an immune response (antibodies) to the virus. Town & Country is the first location in Taylorsville to have the antibody test available.

The test involves a simple finger-stick and require a couple drops of blood, similar to a glucose (blood sugar) test. There is no nasal swab with this antibody test.

Results are obtained in about 15 minutes, said Sprinkle.

The test kit indicates for the presence of both the IgG and IgM COVID-19 antibodies. According to the CDC, although scientists do not know how long antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 (COVID) can be detected, for most other infections, IgM is most useful for determining recent infection as it usually becomes undetectable weeks to months following infection, while IgG may remain detectable for months or years.

It is important to note the antibody test is NOT a COVID test for presence of the active virus; this only tests for antibodies to show if a patient had prior infection.

The test is NOT covered by insurance and its cost is $20.

Town & Country Drugs staff ask that people call ahead to schedule a time to come in for testing.

For more information, call Town & Country Drugs at 828-632-2278.

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