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April 17, 2024

Hiddenite Celebration FolkLife video goes viral

A rope making video recorded and posted on Facebook ( by Hiddenite Arts & Heritage Center’s Executive Director Donna Latham has received international attention on social media. The video was recorded at the Center’s 2022 Hiddenite Celebration of the Arts during the Hiddenite Center’s 41st anniversary. The popular video with over 5 MILLION views captured children making rope the old fashioned way in the FolkLife Pavilion which has been a part of Celebration of The Arts since the Hiddenite Center was founded in 1981.
This year’s OUT OF THIS WORLD Celebration of The Arts provided extensive living History demonstrations made possible by funding from the South Arts In These Mountains grant which was awarded to the Hiddenite Arts and Heritage Center to preserve and perpetuate traditional art forms of the Appalachian region, teaching folk art and folk ways through hands on activities, performances, storytelling and music that strengthens the connection to one’s roots, and the rich arts and cultural heritage of the Alexander County and the Northwest North Carolina Region.

Living history demonstrations such as blacksmithing, spinning, weaving, soap making, basketry, rope making and many more were presented by traditional artists and craftsmen dressed in period clothing.

Hiddenite Arts & Heritage Center’s Director, Donna Latham stated, “These art forms were essential to the survival of pioneers who settled the area and we take GREAT pride in passing them down to generations to come. It was the vision of our founders Mr. R.Y and Eilleen Lackey Sharpe to keep these art forms alive so that our Heritage will not be forgotten and to build upon the pride we have in the place we call home.”

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