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April 21, 2024

Arguelles, Dagenhart, McLain, Reese take School Board seats

NEW FACES ON SCHOOL BOARD — The four new Alexander County Board of Education members-elect are L-R: Rob Arguelles, Matthew Reese, Anthony McLain, and Jordan Dagenhart.

The Alexander County Board of Education will receive four new faces soon with voters casting the majority of ballots for Rob Arguelles (District 1), Joshua Dagenhart and Matthew Reese (District 2), and Anthony McLain (District 4).

In Distrct 1, where one seat was open, Arguelles received 1,660 votes (37.13%), Kevin Weikle, Jr., received 1,497 (33.48%), and Andrew Latchford 1,279 (28.61%), with 35 write-ins (0.78%).
The District 2 race (two seats open), Joshua (The Dags) Dagenhart received the most votes with 1,320 (20.35%), Matthew Reese gained the second seat with 1,231 votes (18.98%). He was followed closely by incumbent David Odom, 1,200 votes (18.50%), Brent Warren, 1,108 (17.09%), Ginger I. Annas, 1,029, (15.87%), and incumbent Matt Cooksey had 558 votes (8.60%). Write-ins received 39 votes (0.60%).

In District 4 (one seat open), Anthony McLain bested his opponents with 1,787 votes (47.49%) to the 1,260 votes (33.48%) of Christa Ballard Roseberry. Dianne Little, who had withdrawn from the race after the deadline to be excluded from the ballot, received 684 votes (18.18%). Write-ins received 32 votes (0.85%).

Argruelles said, “First, I want to thank God for the opportunity to serve the good people of Alexander County. I’m excited to represent the people in Wittenburg and Bethlehem and do right for our kids and make absolutely sure that we stick to our focus of involving parents in the decision-making affecting our kids, and continue to work with our newly-elected Sheriff in keeping our kids safe and hardening our schools. Lastly, working with our teachers and our staff on the right initiatives to really prepare our kids for the future and to make Alexander County the best producer of the smartest and brightest and greatest young men and women in all of North Carolina.”

Reese related, “First and foremost, I thank the Lord and my Savior, Jesus Christ, for this opportunity. I am ready to hit the ground running, ready to work with all different members, and try to make Alexander County school system the best it possibly can be. I want to thank my wife and my family for their support, and I’m just looking forward to what’s to come and what lies ahead.”

Dagenhart said, “I want to thank all the voters that supported me. I respect all the candidates that ran this race. It’s an honor to serve Alexander County Schools. I thank the Lord for answering prayer.”

Anthony McLain stated, “I’m ready to dig in and get going. I appreciate all the support from voters and I’m ready to go to work for them and do what’s right. I’ll do my best.”

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