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December 01, 2023

Town of Taylorsville election results

(updated Nov. 8, 10:25 a.m.)

Holleman wins re-election as Taylorsville Mayor; Town Council winners are Bumgarner, Brown, Odom, and Simms —

Taylorsville voters have re-elected George Holleman as Mayor and Eric Bumgarner, Kimberly Brown, Tamara Odom, and Jack Simms as Town Council members in the 2023 Municipal Election. All results are unofficial until after Canvass Day, Friday, November 17.

There are 1,372 registered voters in the city limits of Taylorsville. Overall, 415 cast ballots in the election, for a voter turnout of 30.25 percent. During Early Voting in the Town election (Oct. 19 – Nov. 4), 257 people cast ballots, making an Early Voting turnout of 18.68 percent.

Fifteen candidates ran for office in the nonpartisan races: two for Mayor and thirteen for the four open Council seats.

Mayoral race

Taylorsville Mayor George Holleman, 78, tentatively won his fourth full elected term as Mayor with 283 votes (69.19 percent). Challenger Cyle T. Emke garnered 120 votes (29.34 percent).

Town Council

Thirteen candidates ran for Town Council. The top four vote getters were:
• Eric Bumgarner, age 47, with 206 votes (13.72 percent).
• Kimberly S. Brown (incumbent), age 57, 168 votes (11.19 percent).
• Tamara Odom, age 52, 140 votes (9.32 percent).
• Jack Simms (incumbent), 73, 139 votes (9.25 percent).

Those who did not win were:

Jonathan Coley, 122 votes (8.12 percent); Glenn Deal, Jr., 121 votes (8.06 percent); Jason Durmire, 113 votes (7.52 percent); Tristan St. Clair, 111 votes (7.39 percent); Greg Foster, 98 votes (6.52 percent); Megan Hefner Fishel, 96 votes (6.39 percent); Harold Dagenhart, 78 votes (5.19 percent); Edd Elliott, 65 votes (4.33 percent); and William J. Fox II, 36 votes (2.4 percent). There were nine write-ins (0.6 percent).


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