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April 17, 2024

Town Ordinance allows Residential Zoning in homes located in Business Districts


The Tuesday, February 1, 2022, Town Council meeting was opened with prayer by Council member Jack Simms followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

The first item on the agenda was a presentation of commendations by Sheriff Chris Bowman to two Taylorsville Police Officers. Patrolmen Joesph De La Riva and Daniel Beal were presented with certificates “in recognition of their acts performed on Dec. 17, 2021, for valor shown while assisting the Alexander County Sheriff’s Dept. in apprehending a suspect who fled on foot after a motor vehicle chase.” Sheriff Bowman thanked the Council and Police Chief Doug Bowman for their continued support and cooperation with the County Sheriff’s Department.

Next on the agenda was a presentation by Town Planner Dustin Millsaps of the Western Piedmont Council of Governments, who presented a text amendment to the Taylorsville Zoning Ordinance #154.080 Exemptions For Residential Purposes On Properties Zoned For Businesses. The Council approved the new wording of this ordinance which allows residential zoning for houses that meet residential codes, but are located in business districts.

Next, the council reviewed the Taylorsville Conflict of Interest Policy. Because of recent government funds received by the Town of Taylorsville through the American Rescue Plan, there was a need for a broader and deeper Conflict of Interest Policy to ensure funds are designated fairly and appropriately. This new wording of the policy, which will add extra accountability to the town’s governing body, was approved without opposition.

Town Manager David Odom then explained the final proposed amendment to the budget for the Waste Water Treatment Plant Improvements project. The project, which was initiated in 2018, began with an approved budget of $449,268 and was amended to be $454,246.23 due to the necessity to “remove and dispose of an existing spiral screen and install a new one in the town’s septage receiving station.” This should result in completion of this project. He explained with well documented details the necessity for this budget increase.

Scott Hines, Register of Deeds, then went before the council to inform them of “Four Chaplains Sunday,” which will be observed this Sunday, February 6. Hines was representing Alexander Legion Post 170 as he thanked Mayor Holleman for signing the proclamation to enact this special observance. Four Chaplains Sunday will be observed to remember four chaplains who acted selflessly on Feb. 3, 1943, when the Army Transport Dorchester was struck by a torpedo with 902 officers, enlisted men, Navy armed guard, merchant seaman, and civilian workers on board. As stated in the material presented by Hines, “the four chaplains calmed frightened soldiers, aided the wounded, and guided the disoriented toward safety.” The Sunday nearest to the date of Feb. 3rd is typically when this special day is commemorated by American Legion posts nationwide.

The council then approved an amendment to receipt FEMA proceeds in the amount of $20,511.64 to the Water and Sewer System budget for damages incurred during the November 2020 flooding that resulted in a washout on Taylorsville Cemetery Road and damages to a fence and culvert at Matheson Park. The amount from FEMA covered these expenses in full.

In Chief Doug Bowman’s police report, he stated that there had been 870 calls for the month of January, which is average. He also reported that the Taylorsville Police Department has hired two new part-time officers.

Aaron Wike then gave the Public Works report, stating that the equipment voted on in the last council meeting to be sold or scrapped has netted a total of $3,486.

In his closing remarks, Town Manager David Odom noted that the Town has made it to the final round with the BRIC2021 grant application, which will impact wastewater management in the amount of $1,375,000 if approved.

The meeting was adjourned with next month’s meeting scheduled for Tuesday, March 1, at 5:30 p.m., in Town Hall.

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