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April 17, 2024

“Red wave” sweeps Alex, record 82% voter turnout

G.O.P. KEEPS COMMISSION SEATS — The Grand Old Party (Republicans) will keep control of the Alexander County Board of Commissioners four more years with the election of Josh Lail (left) and incumbent Dr. Jeff Peal (right).

Alexander County voters elected Republicans Josh Lail and (re-elected) Jeff Peal as County Commissioners on Tuesday, Nov. 3, part of a “red wave” in the strong Republican area. There were 20,221 votes cast by 24,659 registered voters, an 82% voter turnout, beating the previous record of 75.6% set in 2016.

Peal garnered 14,257 votes (42.49%) and Lail received 14,102 (42.03%), while Democrat L. Macy Jones received 5,194 votes (15.48%). (All results are unofficial until Canvass Day, November 13.)

Peal commented, “First, I would like to thank the Lord for blessing me and taking care of me.  I hope to honor Him through my service.  I would like to thank my family for all their support as they are amazing.  Huge, big time thanks to the outstanding people of Alexander County who saw fit and trusted me enough to re-elect me as a commissioner. I am honored to serve all of you both those who voted for me and those who did not. We have an amazing community where we can all come together, love and help each other, and make this the best place in America to live. Let us be United, let us work through our differences, let us talk to and listen to each other. We can live in peace and in harmony with one another and truly love our neighbor as ourself.  United we stand, divided we fall; let’s stand. Let’s show our younger generation what respect, love, kindness, and service to others really is. I would like to thank Josh Lail and Macy Jones for a clean race. These two are both great people and are my friends. Congrats to Josh for running neck and neck with me. Congrats to Macy for stepping up and being heard. Macy has a lot of good things to offer Alexander County and I know she will work with us to make Alexander County better. Thanks to the Republican Party and the Republican Women for all your support and all you do. I look forward to the next four years as we have big things coming and lots to do and together, we will accomplish a lot.”

Lail stated, “I would like to thank everyone that voted and helped me be elected to a second term on the Alexander County Commission. I am proud of what was accomplished by the board during my first term from 2014-2018. I am excited to go to work to make the Alexander County Government more efficient and make our County even better.”

Jones related, “The votes are in and the people have spoken. I want to congratulate Jeff Peal and Josh Lail for winning the local County Commissioner’s race. I know they will work hard for this county. Second, thanks to everyone who contributed to my campaign, worked out front and behind the scenes to help me in this race, and all who voted for me! Every one of you rock!”

In other elections, Alexander was strong for President Trump (78.5%), Sen. Thom Tillis (73.6%), Rep. Virginia Foxx (R), who handily won Alexander (77.9%) and her district (67.02%); Dan Forest for Governor (74.2%), and Mark Robinson for Lt. Governor (79.1%). Statewide, some races remain too close to call, though it appears Gov. Roy Cooper (D) won with 51.48% to Dan Forest (R) 47.06% while Mark Robinson (R) beat Yvonne Lewis Holley (D) for Lt. Governor.

     See all Alexander election results on page 4A in our Nov. 4, 2020, issue.

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