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April 24, 2024

Sample ballots available for Primary

Sample ballots for the May 17, 2022 Primary Election have been posted on the Alexander County Board of Elections webpage at the links below.
Democrat Primary Sample Ballot:
Republican Primary Sample Ballot:
A partisan primary determines the political party nominees who will appear on the ballot in the General Election in November. North Carolina uses a semi-closed primary, which means that voters registered with a political party may only vote their party’s primary ballot and may not vote in another party’s primary. For example, a registered Republican may only vote in the Republican Party primary. Unaffiliated voters must choose the party’s primary in which they want to vote. A voter’s party affiliation for the May 17 Primary is determined by the party affiliation listed on their voter record as of the voter registration deadline of April 22.
Voters can check to make sure they are actually registered to vote and that their name, address, and party affiliation are current by using the online voter search tool at
Voters are encouraged to peruse the sample ballots and research the contests and candidates – don’t wait until you are in the voting booth to make your decisions. Voters should read the sample ballot carefully, make selections in advance, and take the sample ballot to the voting place to use as a guide, which will make the voting process much easier.
For more information or if you have questions, visit or contact the Alexander County Board of Elections at (828) 632-2990 or

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